Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Democrats down 10 on Gallup generic?

It's more than curious to me that it seems every time the Gallup poll lunges towards the Republicans it makes the news (echo chamber). But the opposite makes no splash. Just last week the Gallup generic had Democrats closing to within 3 points. Similarly, this week the Republican pollster, Rasmussen has the Democrats within 6 points, down from 9 and more over the past few weeks.

At some point, the media needs to cub their excesses in terms of pursuing a narrative. It is dangerous in this day and age to allow a desire for a good story to overtake good journalism.
With the vast number of voices and instant communication a panic can set-in and not allow natural processes to revert. So where maybe Democrats might naturally lose 10-15 seats, the media wave may push it to limits unheard of. That wouldn't be based on policy or even politics but media dynamics.

Fix it.

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