Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Be wary of Steven Strasburg

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan, but I've noticed that his college team didn't win the college World Series when they had the chance. And he lost his big game in that run.

I've noticed that his best start was his first major league game, and since then, while he's been really good at times, he's not been as good as advertised.

Of course he's young, plus the Washington Nationals are "protecting" his arm, and the team is terrible; but if he is who we thought he was, Strasburg should be throwing more shut-outs.

Make that a shut-out.

Every game he seems to give up big homeruns or untimely hits that allow the other team to get the lead.

It's a trend. It's not bad luck.

For Steven Strasburg to reach the potential I hope he does, he needs to change his make-up as pitcher and a person on the mound.

He needs to get mentally tougher, he needs to have a better pitch sequence, and flat out needs to
just get the job done.

Right now, I'm on record as saying this will not end well. I don't expect a disaster like a Kerry Wood or Mark Prior, but more so a 2nd or 3rd starter rahter than an Ace.

update: Mike leake just went on the disabled list 8/28 - we'll see what this means.

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