Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ban Women's sports...if gender doesn't matter

According to Judge Walker who penned the famous Prop 8 in California, the role of gender is outdated in our society and has no legitimate place.

If so, then there shouldn't be a women's tennis tour, or for that matter any female sports.

There should be just sports, and the best should prosper.

Since that would mean that 99%+ of women wouldn't succeed at the top levels and would have to compete (and lose) to mediocre men, say good-bye to women's sports.

Funny, many of the same people who support this horrible court decision are the most ardent backers of Title 9 gender-equity rules, and are modern-day feminists.

The truth is of course gender matters.

It matters from the most elemental level of ... only women can bear children.
Women are in general smaller and less weak than most men.
...and on and on.

God made man and woman.

Update: I made a comment on a women's media center website: hope they debate the issue :

Craig Farmer
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If gender references are not legitimate in marriage, and ” Women and men are equal partners in marriage, eliminating any difference, legal or otherwise”, then wouldn’t that make gender references elsewhere not valid? What about Title IX in college athletics? What about laws to promote women in untraditional roles?

Since gender doesn’t matter, then it shouldn’t matter right?

Or does it matter when women can benefit?

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