Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wrong for Clarence Thomas' wife to politik

While I have respect for him as an individual, I clearly don't support Supreme Court Justice Thomas' politics. He is a right wing Republican judge who claims to be impartial. Now his wife, Virginia Thomas is getting involved in politics in an overt fashion.

That's wrong because his support is implied. It's bad also because in general we should respect the family members of Court members and show deference. Most people pull their punches when it comes to the wives of important politicians or public figures. As they should. Now she is leveraging her status to advance a cause. She shouldn't be able to do that, and then try to hide behind his office during tough moments.

I don't agree with it when Michelle Obama does it, Laura Bush did it, or any other spouse. They try to move back and forth between being "trophy wives" and serious people.

If Virginia Thomas wants to engage in politics, then I better not hear any whining about the nastiness of politics or any "high-tech" lynchings.

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