Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Reason we need vouchers

There's a report that vouchers don't help to improve test scores. That's not my standard. I think parents should be responsible for their children. They should have as many options as possible. Parental satisfaction, and the number of real-life options should be the standard. The system exists to help the individual maximize their potential.

Look at the recent graduation rates where overall only 74% finished on time:

blacks 61%
hispanics 63%
whites 81%
Asians 91%

These don't even take into account whether those graduating received a great education for them. We need to make every radical change that can be proven not to be a disaster. That's right, the standard for change is whether you can prove this will be horrible. If not, we should try it. Over 25% of students falling behind, many not ever finishing high school. That's unacceptable. That is a recipe for more crime, broken families, poverty, and just bad news.

As Democrats, we should make education a priority. We should address the top students and make sure they are being pushed to their limit. We should demand that all students meet a minimal level of education. But the decision-makers should be the parents. Those in the community. And only governmental agents when absolutely necessary.

This is the ultimate issue where deficits don't matter. Any debt left to our children will be for their own betterment. Investing in our the future is a clear priority. As Democrats we are in the best position to do this, as Republicans are wedded to their small-government ideology.

We need good big government. In this case not in policy but in dollars. Have universal vouchers for every child. Force competition into the system, and let parents have more options.

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