Thursday, June 24, 2010

Politics as game

I enjoy the game of politics. The challenge of figuring out what moves will lead to electoral victory. Determining the best public relations strategy. Deciding which states/districts/demographics should be targeted, and how.

But ultimately, this is serious business. People like Olbermann and Hannity fail to draw a clear enough line. Right now, the problem is most evident on the right with President Obama in office, but the same derangement syndrome was on the left with President Bush.

An Oil spill, a war, a lagging economy, etc. all have real impacts on all of us. Americans are dependent on good leadership from the elites. Whether it's government, media, or whatever.

Politics is a game. It's also a serious business. All rational people know the difference.

I am not a part of the "let's get along"f crowd. We need to play real hardball between the parties within boundaries. The rules of politics demand that we respect the institutions and pull our punches when appropriate.

There's too many people willing to destroy the country to prove a point.
The challenge as Americans is to fight for what we honestly believe is right in a way that strengthens the country.

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