Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mike Huckabee sells out on traditional values

I see why it's so hard to get Democrats to speak out boldy against gay rights.

Today we had a minister in the Republican party, Mike Huckabee, a leader of the so-called Christian Right, on FoxNews, the so-called right wing network, say, in essence:

this is not my most important issue, I'm not pushing this, but when I'm asked I say, marriage is between a man and a woman

I'm thinking, why is it not your most important issue?
What is more important than the attack on traditional marriage from:

mainstream media
gay rights radicals

This is why we need a Nixon goes to China moment. A Clinton ending welfare as we know it moment.

We need real liberal Democrats to stand up for traditional values.
Democrats to stand up for traditional marriage.
Democrats to stand up for reducing the number of abortions.
Democrats to stand up for living right and doing right.

We are the greatest nation because of the moral fiber of our people.
It takes a strong civil society to keep it that way.

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