Friday, June 25, 2010

Hillary versus Obama

I enthusiastically supported Hillary Clinton over Obama during the 2008 primaries.

I did so, under great angst as an African American. I honestly felt Clinton was more qualified.

Factually, the case was clear.

But looking back, clearly Obama was the better candidate, and deserved to win.

I was wrong. Though I should get credit for standing by Hillary Clinton until the last dog died.
I don't deserve any credit for being 100% for Obama against McCain. I honestly wonder how any Democrat, especially a black Democrat could do otherwise.

The main idea is that

Hillary could never have acheived as much as President Obama.

While she would have been a symbol of female empowerment, It doesn't match what Obama means to African Americans, and to Americans in general .

In addition, President Obama represents a new World view, and a fresh start. Whereas Hillary was much more status quo.

Additionally, Obama accepted the mantle of being a symbol much more, while Hillary vacillated, and ran away from it while she really had a chance to win. In fact, she (as did I) mocked the hoped that people placed in the election of Obama. While I stand by my comments, and the resulting partisanship and vitriol has proved Hillary and I correct, President Obama had (and has) the right approach overall.

Hillary Clinton wound up running a respectable 2nd place by embracing the image of an indepedent working woman. But it was too late, and not sincere.

Today we find out that Obama is on the brink of winning another big issue:
Financial Regulation.

The President has acheived a plan to stabilize the banking system, a stimulus bill, a healthcare bill, and now a financial regulation bill. He has pursued vigorous plans in Afghan-Iraq. In addition to changing the narrative for a Democrat when it comes to education.

While I would disagree vigorously where he's going on gay rights, think we should end the wars in the middle east, and would like more radical change in education and in our tax code,

President Obama is a transformative leader. He is using his political capital for the good of America.

He may be wrong in many respects.

He is wrong not to champion traditional marriage. He is wrong not to challenge our military industrial complex.

Yet he is a great leader. The best we can hope for as thinking newliberals.

Hillary showed during her campaign she wasn't capable of this.
While she would have been better than a republican, her Presidency could possibly match Obama's.

The irony is that the Republicans and many fringe types hate him, the way they used to hate her, and she is now more popular.

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