Monday, June 21, 2010

Does Nuclear power = offshore oil drilling?

I am predisposed to believe in technology, and am as optimistic as anyone.
But I have to ask whether those ensuring Americans that Nuclear power is safe are just as wrong as the "Drill baby Drillers".

Being a proud newliberal, I was for offshore drilling and felt confident we could deal with any problems.

Being a proud newliberal, I have to change with the facts. We as a nation and a world clearly aren' t capable of dealing with the worst case scenarios.

So we need to tread lightly, and only when necessary.

Those (including me) who talk about the evils of foreign oil, need to admit that there are costs and risks no matter what we do.

We need to make sure the regulators are not cozy with the industry.
We need leftwing people with a little business sense in power.
That will ensure the long-term is as secure as possible as we pursue short-term advantages.

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