Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The American people are (not) smart

I know this limits my future success as a politician but honestly, the American people are not that smart.

This is the greatest nation on earth because of the people, the laws, the culture, the Constitution, etc.

I say that because I believe that 100%.

But when politicians talk about the average American voter being smart. They are lying.
In fact, that should be a litmus test. If you really believe it, you are dumb.

Take this gulf oil spill right now.

President Obama can organize a response, and coordinate various relief efforts and fix-it regimes but the bottom line is that the engineers for BP, the government, or from wherever have to find a way to stop the leak.

President Obama has nothing to do with that!

Yet, he will be judged based on how successful those scientests are.
The Republicans will demagogue the issue, just as Democrats did with Katrina.

The smart (not) American voters will decide how the administration did.

So the President's fate depends on things he has no control over.

If the voters were smart they would hold politicians accountable for failing schools and refusing to try universal vouchers or something else radical.

If the voters were smart they would question when/how our military budget will stop rising and our overseas commitment start diminshing.

If the voters were smart they couldn't be tricked by the media to following stories like child-seat recalls, or "sudden accelaration" cars which are less dangerous that numerous daily activities.

Many Americans are smart. Many more aren't.
We all have something to contribute.
Some of us are physically strong, fearless.
Others are great parents.
Others are great entertainers, inventors, etc.
All together we make America.
There's no need to lie.

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