Wednesday, May 26, 2010


New Quinnipiac poll shows that Dems now lead the Generic ballot by 6, while the Republicans had a 5 point lead in March.

My question is: If THIS is a wave election for the Republicans, how can so many polls show them losing the basic, "Are you planning to vote for a Republican or Democratic member for Congress"?

Sure there is Rasmussen with good numbers for Republicans, and other polls here and there.

But the Realclearpolitics average (which has a Rasmussen/Republican bias) has Democrats ahead by a really small amount.

My advice to Democrats is to focus on the Economy, traditional values, and protecting America. That would include stopping the illegal immigrants. President Obama's decision to send some troops to the border is a good move. The upcoming 2nd stimulus is the right thing to do. And the President should use the bully pulpit through townhall meetings to promote marriage fidelity and personal responsibility.

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