Tuesday, April 20, 2010

misreporting a death

Unfortunately rap star Guru of Ganstarr passed away.

What's noticeble to me about the article is that it states:

Guru became famous after teaming up with DJ Premier in group Gang Starr in 1985. The duo released six studio albums between 1989 and 2003 and became famous for making "conscious rap" before splitting under acrimonious circumstances.

"conscious" refers to rap music that is trying to convey a serious political or social message as opposed to rapping about girls, money, crime, lifestyle, etc.

The problem?

Guru was not known as a "conscious" rapper. He was known as an "MC", a true lyricst. This as opposed to an MC Hammer , Tone Loc or a Puff Daddy who were more performers.

His lyrics were well-written and delivered, but no hip hop fan waited to hear what Guru thought on anything important. Perhaps he has done a song or even a few, but he wasn't famous for it.


Chuck D


even Rakim

...were all known as "conscious".

It is important that we respect people's lives while they are here and after they are gone.

It is important to let the living know that they will be held accountable in death in terms of their reputation. This means that we need to be accurate in our assessments.

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