Monday, April 26, 2010

Imagine if Tebow, Clausen and McCoy were black players

The 2010 NFL draft has revealed something strange: successfull white quarterbacks in College being treated poorly in terms of their NFL prospects.

Tim Tebow has done everything possible at Florida. Yet, his "poor" throwing motion, the fact he played in a "college" system (in college?) rather than a pro set, and his aggressive style that presumably wouldn't work in the NFL, has led to his severe downgrade. So much so that he being picked 25th by the Denver Broncos is seen as one of the biggest risks in years.

Jimmy Clausen is a highly touted quarterback from Notre Dame who does all the things that Tebow doesn't in a technical sense. Yet, while Tebow proved he could win the big games, Clausen is tagged with a "loser" label for failing to lift his team in the big games. Again, usually the scouts look at the form, the pedigree, and the stats and Clausen would be a high pick. But not this year as he fell to the second round.

Colt McCoy fell even further the above two. He led his team on a championship run, and has been on people's radar for years. But after all the run-up to the draft, he lost alot of momentum. Fellow Big 12 quarterback Bradford did much better even though he was injured.

All of these men are white. Had they been black, and acheived all of that success there would be so much pressure for all of them to be top 1st round picks. That they all slid would be understood as a conspiracy and a message that "America still is not ready to be post-racial".

The people who utter such opinions should have the integrity to speak on instances that disprove their perspective.

I totally disagree with the whole ratings approach done by the scouts and NFL teams. They are wrong so often that prudence would suggest they completely change their outlook.

In the past decade the experts were split 50-50 between a hall of famer Peyton Manning and a man who didn't make it at all Ryan Leaf. Heath Schuler was the 3rd pick in one draft, and is more famous for being a bad congressman. Everyone (including me) thought Houston was idiotic not to pick either Reggie Bush or Vince Young but instead to pick Mario Williams. Now almost no one stands by their original view. It's a wash at best.

I think Tebow could be a winner in the NFL simply because he was a winner in college under tough circumstances. Likewise, I agree with the experts that Clausen should be downgraded because he didn't shine under the brightest lights. Colt McCoy lost a lot of cool points with me when he choked in the Big 12 title game and almost let the time run out before his team could set up a game winning field goal.

I'm clear that it has taken activism to make this process much more fair, but it is more fair today and I celebrate it. If you disagree you should comment all the time rather then when something offends you in one particular way.

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