Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grandfather at 40

Brett Favre is a grandfather already!

I salute his daughter for having the baby and not an abortion.

The tragedy is that Favre became an unwed dad at an early age, and hasn't broken that cycle through his parenting. It is a difficult path to be young, unwed, and a parent. It is not the right way to go.

Young women should get educated, date, and marry the right man for them, and then have a family.

Until then they should practice family planning. In this case plan to have no children.

Of course no one in the media has criticized the quarterback's parenting skills, though they should.

We all felt free to tell our views about Tiger Woods.

Why? Because his behavior was so bad?
If he only had 1 affair then would it have been his personal life?

We need a civil society that celebrates marriage before babies.
We need a civil society that celebrates working at marriage before divorce.

Brittany now needs to be more responsible than she was in getting pregnant.

Laws and tax policy can only do so much.

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