Friday, April 23, 2010

Financial reform 50 or 70? Which is better?

Democrats have to decide if it's better to get as strong a bill as possible to fix our broken financial system and do so by a 50 vote plus 1 strategy in the U.S. Senate or to seek broad consensus and get buy-in from a large block of Republicans.

While the former may result in better policy for the nation, it will lead to the Democrats losing more seats in November, and that is bad for the country overall.

Democrats should seek to get 70 votes because it will deprive the Republicans of their main argument that we are too radical to govern. One major "bipartisan" victory will prove to independents that Obama is working together with the Republicans.

As long as the comprimise is sound, and will work reasonably well, Democrats should seek a deal. They should do so under a time limit. Don't let the Republicans drag this out.

Be prepared to go at it alone, but always leave that door open.
Unlike healthcare, the politics work much better for us this time because the public seems to think they understand the issue. While that's not true, at least the delusions work in our favor this time.

Democrats should use this strategy on as many important issues as possible before November. It is quite possible this will be the last session to do many good things before a return to divided government.

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