Saturday, March 6, 2010

Respect for American government

I truly respect our system of government. I hope it endures. I especially like the fact that no matter what one side or another wants, there are always rules and protocol to follow. In addition, there is lengthy delay built into the process. This allows those who want to become involved to inform themselves and to wage a campaign for/against.

We employ war tactics without the bloodshed. That is the beauty of American democracy.
That people can vehemently disagree and still go to work the next day.

I am fervently supporting the pending healthcare legislation.
I wish the process didn't take this long. It is painful to deal with the minute details that emerge very slowly.
It would be much more fun to be on the other side trying to find a way to derail legislation.

It's been a marvel to watch all of the townhall events, committee hearings, House vote, Senate vote, and attempted Conference, and now an endgame as defined by the President.

I'm truly hoping for passage, even if it means Democrats lose the majority in November.
If the pundits are to be believed, it is probable we will lose anyway. If fact, our best hope of keeping power is to pass healthcare, let the people see some of the benefits, and win the argument in reality rather than battling abstract demagoguery.

Either way, I'm engaged in the process and it's great to be an American.

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