Friday, March 19, 2010

A pro life Democratic agenda

Realizing that ultimately I'm 100% pro-choice, here is an agenda that pro-life Democrats should rally around, rather than making bogus claims about the healthcare bill:

1. Mandatory Comprehensive sex education that focuses on what works. Whether that is abstinence only, abstinence +, realism, etc. The goal should be to reduce unintended pregnancies. This can be done through both a reduction of pre-marital sex and better contraceptive use.

2. Promote healthy marriages. This should include pre-marriage counseling and required waiting and counseling periods before a divorce is granted. The more we can stabilize the nuclear family, the better for children and children to be born.

3. Arts funding that included more positive portrayals of traditional families and good life decisions. Currently, pop culture is attacking our moral values. We need to promote the idea that doing the right thing is cool.

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