Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pope should resign and church should get cameras

I actually thought of this independent of any other commentators. But before I could post, I did find this:

Sin or Crime

Andrew Sullivan is one of the more reasonable gay people. He got this one right.


We need all people especially those like me who reject the norming of homosexual behavior to stand up against its' promotion, and also to stand against this abomination by the Catholic Church.

There are priests who molested children. They should have been proscecuted.
The church should have removed them, and informed the police.
The whole Catholic community should now stand up and demand transparency and a whole new direction.

I agree with Sullivan that Priests should be allowed to get married, but for different reasons.

I think it would get more normal people who want to serve God and man into the priesthood.

One thing this scandal confims for me that homosexuality is linked with some psychologicl problem rather than being simply "different". While I'm sure there are cases, the vast majority of victims have been boys rather than girls.

I advocate tolerance for gays just as I would anyone else who abides by the law and respectful of our culture, but surely it matters that I haven't heard of (many) priests molesting girls. And certainly not an epidemic like this male homosexual priest scandal of the past few decades.

Normal men aren't forgoing sex, joining the priesthood, and then molesting.

So the interplay between these men's demons, our society's (and the church's taboos), and the power of the priesthood is too combustable. It must end.

Cardinal Ratzinger who failed to act before he was Pope, showed bad judgement and a failure of leadership.

I don't know if a Pope has ever resigned, but this one really should.

I wouldn't prosecute him but the Church should be punished for not exposing criminals.
They also allowed their parishoners to be future victims rather than warning everyone. The people in the church need to know that they are 100% wrong not to treat these crimes seriously both in our nation and world-wide.

I'm not surprised that the Catholic Church has been spared criticism because many in the media are careful not to expose problems involving homosexuals. The media is complicit in these young boys being assaulted. They need to get on the right side of history and advocate for a radical change.

With today's technology, we can record every interaction and let these Priests know that every move they make will be seen by others. The church should put cameras in every church and every private room.

It is easier to get better Priests but this could suffice in the meantime.

In addition, when a pervet is found, he should be scorned, shunned, turned into the police, and then shown Mercry.

We all Sin, and all want forgiveness.
We all need to be willing to accept the consequences of our behavior.

Whether we live up to that in every area of our life is immaterial to the fact that as a society we must strive to do so in the public square.

I hope this doesn't devolve into bashing the Catholic Church.
The institution does a lot of good, and should get back to it.

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