Monday, March 8, 2010

A lawyers duty

In reference to Liz Cheney and here campaign against some Obama Lawyers:

If a lawyer chooses to defend an unpopular client or category of individual, then they forfeit their opportunity to hold politically sensitive positions. That is what happens in a democracy.

Even though there aren't any legal barrier or Constitutional reasons, politically no former defense attorney for child molestors will ever become President of the United States. No lawyer who helps a guilty defendant walk free will be popular enough to advance within any viable public career.

As it should be.

We should respect the process. We should respect the individual's talent with respect to the law.

But our anger has to have an outlet. It includes these antipathy towards those who help evil doers.
In a non-violent society, we vote, we talk, we write about our grievances.
It works well.

We will always need people who will sacrifice what could be a promising career to do the right thing in a tough spot.

It is another example of the brilliance of our nation that we always find such heroes.

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