Monday, March 22, 2010

how to lie using the facts

59% of the American people are against the final healthcare bill. Sounds really bad for the democrats right?

Well a look much closer shows that in fact 52% either agree with the bill or want it to be more liberal:

favor: 39%
Oppose too liberal: 43%
Oppose not liberal enough: 13%

This has been true for the past year or so. That when you combine those who support the bill with those who oppose the bill from the LEFT, there's a majority to either do this bill or something more progressive.

We haven't heard this much from the news media. The Democrats didn't do a good enough job of attacking the spin from the media.

Everytime someone said, the American people oppose this bill, the response should have been that's a distortion, ultimately a lie. Then explain what I did earlier.

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