Monday, March 29, 2010

Gay Inflation

And it continues...

I have noticed that the figures quoted in popular culture of the percentage of gay people in America is steadily rising. This is of course no mistake. Almost every popular t.v. show in the past decade has made numerous references, jokes, story lines, etc. on a regular basis. During this past 2000's decade, One show that I like to watch otherwise is King of Queens. The bargain I have to accept is that they make a perverted reference on nearly every single episode. It is the rare one that they don't. And in that case they might reference incest or some other idiocy.
It's almost as if there is a contract because even assuming that these storylines will exist, the jokes don't fit into the specific plot much of the time. Maybe there's a quota.

So the campaign to inflate the significance and numbers of gay people has persisted.

And it's working.

Nearly eight years ago:

Gallup asked Americans, in an open-ended format, to estimate the percentage of American men and the percentage of American women who are homosexual. The average estimates were that 21% of men are gay and 22% of women are lesbians. In fact, roughly a quarter of the public thinks more than 25% of men and 25% of women are homosexual.

The people are reflectiong what they see and hear from the mass media. In reality, it seems the true number of homosexuals is under 5%. This was found in 1992

In 2008 it was found that:

4% of this year's electorate self-identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, the same percentage as in 2004

The idea is that if we believe that "they're everywhere" and "we all know someone" then we should not only tolerate them, we should include them in everything.

It bothers me that many of these radical gay activists are on my side politically.
I guess that's part of the American political system.
You have to form coalitions with people you generally don't agree with.

But I mostly destest the dishonesty involved.
Some of it covert like this media campaign to convince people there's more than actually exist.

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