Sunday, March 21, 2010

From upside down to +7 in how many days?

Just last week, "For the first time, according to Gallup".... more people disapproved than approved of the job that the President was doing. Of course that was big news.

Rasmussen has a right leaning poll that always has been a negative outlier for Obama, and the daily reporting of negative results there is discountable.

But Gallup has seemingly been more in tune with the general public, and so when IT went negative (46 - 48) at the worst, something must really be wrong?

But just a few days later, 50 -43.

I know I have been pumped up about the healthcare bill. Maybe so have a few people.

But really, I think too many polls and analysis leads to hocus pocus.

Sometimes pollster need to say, I think we got a bad sample.

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