Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Obama can win back Middle America

...realistic things

5. Fully fund current D.C. scholarship program, and in fact expand it. Set-up various metrics to study it. Include parental satisfaction as a valid way to determine success/failure. State that if this works, it should spread across nation in 5 years.

4. Take Jobs Bill, Energy Bill, and HealthCare Bill, and have public hearings (President, Reps and Dems), then demand a final vote in Senate. Refuse to move on if Republicans continue obstruction, force a real filibuster. If it continues, a month or so before the election, use Reconcillation or change Senate Rules if need be to pass all the bills.

3. Hold a summit on Marriage. Stand up for the sanctity of Traditional marriage against the threats of infidelity, individualism, selfishness, materialism, and alternative lifestyles. Announce an effort to find what can be done legislatively to encourage more marriage and less divorce.

2. Make it clear the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down. The military has orders to do what is necessary to secure whatever our interests are, and then America is leaving. Furthermore, we as Americans will do what it takes to protects ourselves regardless of the politics. This could mean more profiling, more surgical attacks abroad, less military excursions, and more law enforcement.

1. Show Democrats who initially supported Senator Clinton and thought Obama was too soft and naive to run Washington that we were wrong. Define clear goals that are right for America, and be willing to fight for them even if that means your political defeat. If not, it will mean your political defeat anyway.

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