Monday, February 22, 2010

Health Care campaign

I understand that the minority has an advantage in politics because they don't have any real responsibility. They can argue against current and future policy. They can make incoherent and inconsistent pronouncements. They can try to rally the American people through fear or other negative emotions.

So I'm clear as to why the Republicans have had an advantage fighting against the President's Health Care Initiative.

But why hasn't the White House (and allies) collected all the positive aspects of the actual bill, and put out advertisements that are simple, positive, and accurate. Explain how the bill will help all Americans?

On the website today, the White House lists many of the positive aspects, but they need to get the word out. You can't rally people, especially Democrats by saying things like, "we're going to bend the cost curve". Democrats doing interviews need to ignore the questions from the press, and push ahead with 2 or 3 positive acheivements the bill would create and let people dream.

This week, starts another chance to get it right.

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