Monday, February 8, 2010

God bless John P. Murtha

Democratic Representative Jack Murtha passed away.

He was a solid Democrat. I respected his career because he seemed to take the political positions that he believed regardless of the consequences. While I might never know if this was actually the case, the fact that he reversed positions on the War in Iraq, was a pro-life Democrat, and didn't support the so-called Campaign Finance reform shows a break from the orthodoxy. Murtha was a good team player. He supported Democratic economic policies, and just this year was a yes vote for healthcare.

I say all of that to give tribute to an outstanding career. Sure he made mistakes. Don't we all.
His service to this nation and determination to stand up for America is testament to the best of the Democratic party.

His most successful accomplishment was being married to one woman,
Joyce Murtha for 55 years.
A job well done.

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