Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gay conspiracy

Here's more evidence that there is a bipartisan gay conspiracy in politics. Fox news who basically attack the President for every and anything stood silent on one of his latest policy moves.

Which one? "Don't ask Don't Tell" repeal.

I was watching Special Report during the 6pm eastern hour, and the "all star panel" was on a roll. Destroying Obama. No shame that the panel was once again unbalanced.

But not surprisingly, when the topic of DADT came up, everyone supported the Obama policy, and the only discussion was about how fast and fairly it could be implemented.

I also monitored the Fox News morning show, and didn't see it mentioned.

Even if it was talked about, it was minimal.
Normally, something so controversial would be discussed all day long.

It must be the closeted gay republicans.
It's a shame.

America needs common sense conservatives to stand up for what is right about our traditions.
It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to know we shouldn't have openly gay soldiers being forced into military units that don't want them. In addition, it is bad to do social engineering in this and other ways rather than pursuing what was best for national security.

In one of the most important issues, one where the Right is on the right side, so much of the media and the Republicans are silent or on the wrong side of history.

Add this to the failure to debate the spread of gay marriage in the various states that allow it.
Republicans and so-called Conservative and Moderate Democrats have a lot to answer for.

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