Friday, January 15, 2010

Latest: new poll Brown ahead of Coakley

Unfortunately it looks like it is true:

Scott Brown 48
Martha Coakley 45

American Research Group

Democrats we need to get interested before the right wing has enough votes to stall the President's agenda.

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Libertyforall said...

I hope American Research is as accurate as they were in the 2008 presidential race - showing McCain winning Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico. Unfortunately, Coakley was a poor "choice" - not sure who the MDP was "throwing their weight behind:" probably her. Again, the "short-sightedness" of too many Democrats that women make better candidates. I'm not saying they are worse; but, they do seem to be, in general, not a good campaigners. This one has a few shady practices under her belt - which, after all, doesn't surprise me being a prosecutor, and all. Certainly if I were in Massachusetts I would vote for her, as a vote against a Republican and a vote for the President. Again, it is the young people that got Obama elected. I'm afraid the DNC is too stupid to realize it, since Howard Dean left. I'm saying my prayers.