Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Healthcare talking points (you've haven't heard on the campaign trail yet)

(updated- I once again am in agreement with the new republic on healthcare)

Everytime our party talks about healthcare, the media and the conservatives trap us into answering Republican criticisms rather than promoting a positive agenda. So rather than doing something noble, we are defending against trying to harm people.

Well here are the talking points that Democrats need to pursue in an honest fashion:

I supported the healthcare reform proposal because:

1. It makes sure Insurance companies can't deny coverage to Americans who have a pre-existing condition like diabeties, high blood pressure,cancer, or even pregnancy.

(Notice how I personalize the "pre-existing condition" with examples, rather than just listing it as a policy wonk? People need to know how it affects them).
We need ads that give real life examples of people who can't get affordable care.

2 It prevents Insurance companies from dropping your coverage without any recourse because they think you cost them too much money from using health care.

Right now, many people who think they are covered, have paid their premiums, find out that once they get sick, there are limits to the what the Insurance companies will pay out, and they are left to fend for themselves.

3. It offers much better prescription drug benefits to American Seniors, and it extends the life of the Medicare Program.

4. It mandates that Insurance companies offer preventive screenings like mammograms, and colonoscopies with no copay or deductible.

5. It offers coverage to tens of millions of people who today can't afford quality health insurance.
And it will lower the cost of the healthcare policies of the middle class by "bending the cost curve" downward.

Today, healthcare is slated to rise at an unsustainable level. If we do nothing, millions will find it unaffordable just when they need it most. This legislation will slow that process while offering better quality.

1. The House of Representatives should pass the Senate bill.
2. The Congress should then "fix" the new law to scrub it of special interest deals, and other problems. Challenge the Republicans to filibuster a "fix" to the new law.
3. Then move on to passing an effective Jobs bill.

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