Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easy to criticize Democrats

One thing everyone should do every so often is to remove themselves from the politics of the moment and just clearly state what would they do if they could. From there, you can then work to do as much as possible. But without a vision, you're either subject to following someone's elses plan or to vacillate between different courses heading for failure.

As the majority party here's what we should do:

1. House pass Senate Healthcare bill. Pass a companion bill afterwards fixing everything wrong with the new law, and explaining to the public the tough choices if the companion bill is not approved.

2. Pass a "clean"jobs bill that:
a. directly loans money to start-up businesses that propose to create new jobs, then sells the high performing loans to the private sector.
b. offers home improvement loans to homeowners that would be recouped when the house is sold at a premium if it couldn't be paid back. This is where I actually can see the "greening" of America working. Making homes more energy efficient will improve the value of the homes, save on energy bills, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. The money could be used for better windows, insulation, appliances, and any other energy saving ideas.
c. throughout the cities, pay people to clean up and beautify desolate areas. This can put people to work right now. The result would increase the value of that and surrounding areas and promote economic growth. The money could go right from the federal to the local area to the workers. Take 5% for accountability to hold officials and recipients responsible for the work.

3. End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Declare victory in Iraq of removing a dictator, and giving the people a chance at freedom. Finish attacking the terrorists in Afghanistan and then leave. Then use a light-nimble force to attack terrorists around the globe that pose us danger.
Then cut the defense budget. We can be totally safe and still cut the Pentagon budget by at least 20%.

4. Pass a Universal School Choice bill that allows parents more freedom in choicing which school is best for their child.

5. Stand up for the Institution of Marriage. Fight back against divorce. Do it for our children. Let them inherit a healthy system. Ensure we keep a traditional definition of marriage. Make it harder to get married and harder to get divorced. This should include waiting periods and counseling on both ends. There should be an ever-expanding list of benefits available only to first and one-time only married couples. Whether it is federal with tax benefits, state or local with extra services from the state, it should be clear to everyone that it is better to be married than not. Children and other adults have an inherit need to see a man and woman in matrimony. It is our duty to promote their happiness as much as possible. Politicians should start fundraising for groups that will produce positive, interesting, mainstream programming that celebrates this reality. Just like we raise money for serious diseases all the time, the destruction of marriage is a dangerous disease we need to attack.

6. Simplify the tax code. Reduce as many mandatory taxes as possible. Move towards taxing luxury and leisure items more. Taxing fast food and entertainment options. Also, we should look into using auctions to raise tax funds in place of more traditional taxes. Think of the value that a Superbowl ticket has. What about the sold out local play? In our society it may be possible to replace our whole taxation model with a voluntary system. It should be explored.

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