Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Any Honest politicians?

I support values that endure regardless of the political party. I am a proud (near) yellowdog democrat who is trying to foster the principles in the Democratic Party that have made our country great.

I'm wondering whether there are any formidable politicians who will tell the 100% truth.

who will "keep it 100"?

I look at the New York governor's race where Rick Lazio just like most out of office politicians is talking about how he will make the tough choices, without the gimmicks. But when pressed he refuses to talk about massive government layoffs. He doesn't talk about tax increases. But falls back on efficiencies which are supposed ways to save money without hurting anyone.

Arnold Scharzenegger did the same thing during the recall of Gray Davis in 2003. The issue then was that Davis was being dishonest about the budget and what was necessary. Here we are less than seven years later with the governor doing the same kind of things and having the same kind of budget problems. It's because politicians will vote for the popular programs and refuse to vote for the unpopular taxes or cuts to other programs. Republicans won't raise taxes easily, and Democrats won't cut spending or goverment jobs easily.

It seems we need a group of politicians to sacrifice doing the right things around the nation and then retire.

Democrats under President Clinton in 1993 come closest to this model. Sure we lost the congress in 1994 but the budget was put on the path towards balance, and the nation had a chance for prosperity. I accept that a Republican congress starting in 1994 combined with a Democratic President was a part of the solution. Who knows what it really was.

But I know that elected politicians need to focus on doing what's right, whatever they think that is. One way or another, one day or another, they're going to leave office, so they should think what they want to be known for and how much good they can actually do.

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