Monday, December 21, 2009

What if...

Washington D.C. passes a bill to change the definition of marriage to allow gays to be included. It is a sham, and no one covers it.

Of course someone covers it. But really quickly, quietly, and move on.

The strategy by the radical elements is to do bold outlandish legislation and then to act as though it doesn't really matter enough to make a big deal of it.

The media needs to agree to it.

As a group, they could give the change in law a "Tiger Woods" treatment. But they choose not to.

Congress has a chance to stop it. I don't count on my Democratic Party to have the sense to stand up to this.

It would be nice though if Republicans would stop stalling the Healthcare bill and stall this action.

Because Washington D.C. is a district controlled by the Federal Government, Congress can block any laws passed by the city council.

Marriage has been beaten to a bloody pulp. Let's adminster some CPR.

Blocking gays trying to "marry" would be a first step.
We need to increase the public benefits of marriage.
We need to increase the cost of divorce, both financially and in civil society.
We need to change our culture so that we revere marriage the way we revere the troops.

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