Thursday, December 10, 2009

repeal Hyde Amendment

All this debate about whether the proposed Health Care bill moving through congress will allow public funds to go towards subsidizing abortions and violate longstanding rules under the "Hyde amendment" misses the point. We should repeal the Hyde Amendment which prohibits federal funds for abortion. A woman has a constitutional right to choose an abortion. Similar to a suspected criminal who has a constitutional right to a lawyer. We as a nation pay for the most heinous individuals to be well represented before the law. Even if they admit guilt, even if we think it is a complete waste, even if it helps them ultimately do more crime and damage.

It's because a Right has to have meaning in the real world. It can't be true if people can't afford it. That's unAmerican.

I reject the idea that I or others who personally disagree with abortion in all cases should not have our tax dollars used as such. I, along with millions of others disagreed with President Bush's decision to go to War in Iraq. Yet, I was forced to pay for it. That decision led to thousands of U.S. soldiers dieing. Tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of Iraqis being killed and millions displaced.

In a society, every citizen has to live with the good and the bad from their perspective. The Hyde amdendment prevents poorer women and some rural women from having equal rights.

If you think they shouldn't have the right to control their bodies then get a constitutional amendment, but don't create caste systems and inequality in our system.

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