Wednesday, December 30, 2009

media misreporting Mike Leach story

At the time of this post, I don't know what happened with Texas Tech coach Mike Leach and what he did in reference to Adam James. But I do know that there is a distinct difference between "ordering" a player to stand in a dark shed" and "locking a playing in a shed".

The former is a suitable punishment for someone thought to be malingering, or committing other "football" sins.

The latter would be a crime.

I'm assuming the player could have left the field at any time. If so, then Leach is totally 100% correct in not apologizing or admitting any wrong.

However, if I'm wrong and James was really locked in a shed, Leach deserves what he is getting.

The media should get the facts and report them accurately. People giving opinions should carefully state what they are giving their perspective on. Rather what we have is mass confusion and speculation.

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