Monday, December 28, 2009

Lessons from attempted attack on NW253

1. Al qaeda is still weak and hasn't gotten stronger since 9/11. We have done a good job of killing them, and otherwise limiting their reach. If they have to resort to a lone person trying to light himself on fire, we're winning.

2. President Bush succeeded in scaring the Democrats about the politics of terror. If the Secretary of Homeland Security can't talk about the successes in stopping and dealing with the aftermath of the attempted attack and has to backtrack, it shows it is still politically incorrect to be sane. The passengers and crew stopped this attack. Weren't we all supposed to be apart of the solution? The system did work. Of course it could have done better earlier, but it worked.

3. We need to transition funds away from Iraq and Afghanistan into overseas security at foreign airports, and into tactical strikes around the globe (including the U.S.) on targets that present danger. We should attack them before they or someone they send attacks us.

4. We can only be but so safe. If a person is willing to kill himself in a terrorist act, at some point it is unstoppable. So while we can stop many, if success is defined as stopping 100% of the attempts, then we're going to lose some.

5. We should profile muslims who talk and act a certain way. Stop this nonsense of treating everyone alike. When the terrorists look and sound like all Americans, then we should start profiling all Americans. Until then, let's go where the action is.

6. America is a great nation. Most people take this and other stories of terrorism in stride within their normal lives. This is true even for those preparing to travel on airplanes. If only our politics caught up to this reality. Life is dangerous. But even better...
life, American life especially is beautiful.

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