Monday, December 14, 2009

If Obama can't stand up to Lieberman...

then what about the terrorists?
then what about the rogue countries?
then what about dealing with long term problems?

President Obama will never have it this good for the rest of his time in office. Sixty(?) members in the Democratic Caucus and a strong House majority.

On any issue that he chooses, the President should be able to control HIS party. That's the price of being in a political party.

If Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson, or anyone else doesn't want to live by the principles then the Democrats should go forward with 58 or however many will work together.

If the public knows that in reality Democrats have 58 reliable votes then Democrats will be thrwarted by indepedents or republicans rather than their own.

Democrats should start thinking about what they stand for. What is worth losing the majority over. Power should be used for good. It will be lost one day. Either sooner or later.
The question is over what.

George Bush and the Republicans lost power over the Iraq War.

Think about that.

No matter how you view the conflict, it is worthy of Control of Congress.
Till his last day, he wouldn't do anything he thought would harm his plan to "protect America".

Bill Clinton and the Democrats lost power by raising taxes and cutting spending.
It could be argued that trying for gun control, and failing to do healthcare hurt also. But
Clinton and Democrats to this day (rightfully) can claim to have done the right thing.

That is the American standard.

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