Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Nelson, Lieberman, et al. can win my vote

I hope this crew of renegade Democratic caucus members will be just as strong in their desire to frustrate my Democratic party when it comes to stopping the gay rights agenda. While I'm focusing mostly on Holy Joe, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln also come to mind.

Senator Lieberman has always presented himself as a religious man, and I hope he stands in the way of advancing the radical movement because of it.

Even if he or even I might agree with some invdividual policy like "non-discrimination", if passing it will ulitimately lead to gay marriage and more demands to force "equality" on America, Democrats should oppose all measures.

This is why I ultimately support the filibuster, to stop ridiculous things that may have majority but not supermajority support. Joe Lieberman will go from goat to hero if he stands for traditional values.

But according to this article, it looks like Holy Joe is going the wrong way.

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