Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Bernie Kerik

I was against many Bush policies. I certainly was against Rudy Guiliani. Bernard Kerik was Guiliani's partner and was put forward on his behalf by the Bush administration to be in the cabinet.

Kerik has been a good public servant.

While I'm sure he's done much wrong:

Bernard Kerik should not be going to jail.

Come on Democrats! Let's establish a standard of giving people credit for the good they've tried to do. Even if you disagree with what they've done, appreciate the effort.

People like William Jefferson who take it so far there can't be anything to be said for them should go to jail.

But people like Charlie Rangel, Ted Stevens, and Bernard Kerik should be given extra chances.

Whether this comes from a pardon, commutation or whatever, people should be rewarded for doing good.

Make people pay back what they owe.
Make them work at public service jobs.
Demand they change their lifestyle, etc.
But they don't belong in jail unless they've done something I don't know of yet.

Jim Trafficant belonged in jail.
Mark Foley belonged in jail.

from what I know not Bernie Kerik.

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