Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Epidemic:Congressmen seeking limelight

The latest is Democratic Representative Parker Griffith who has notified the political world that he will switch and become a Republican.

It seems that now it is commonplace for obscure members of Congress to do something to become known. We've seen:

Joe "You Lie" Wilson
Mark "Republicans want you to die" Grayson
Michelle Bachmann

...and on and on

A Democrat who voted against the stimulus bill and the healthcare bill is pretty much worthless unless there is something he is expert on like the military or science.

I am an advocate of having a big tent in our party. He knew what he signed up for, and to switch now is interesting. At least he wasn't really needed for anything. He really hasn't let anyone down. He's going from the majority to the minority.

So good luck.

Only thing I'm thinking is he should give back all the liberal money he has collected.

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