Sunday, December 6, 2009

Don't judge Texas by the Nebraska game

The Big 12 championship game was a set-up for the Texas Longhorns. Here you have young college kids needing to win one more game to reach their season and college career long goal of playing for the National Championship of college football; against them you have a very solid Nebraska Cornhusker team that is being disrespected by everyone and who has nothing to play for.

A high stakes game versus a good team with no downside equals set-up for failure.

Texas obliged and played very, very tight. Their coach did a bad job of preparing them. Mack Brown may be a great leader but he failed yesterday to get his team to loosen up.

But they got lucky. They choked and won.
Were I the coach, I'd rather play Florida like Alabama did rather than a set-up game.
If both teams have the same opportunity, then there's no psychological games afoot.

Five weeks from now, Texas should benefit from this game because most people will over-react to their ineptness and to Alabama's dominance over Florida.

You heard it hear first.

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