Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stupak amendment doesn't bother me

Many of my fellow pro-choice democrats often talk about how we aren't pro abortion but instead supporting of a woman's choice to make such a tough decision to continue a pregnancy or to have an abortion.

I mean it when I say I'm pro-choice politically, but would never choice to counsel abortion for anyone I have influence with.

In that light, the Stupak amendment to the House Health Care bill doesn't bother me and is fine. It really is a phony issue. Again. Another phony abortion issue.

An abortion is a relatively cheap medical procedure. It seems most range between $350 and $500. As the pregnancy continues the costs rise. But the cost of insurance for this procedure has to be a small part of health insurance.

I think it is reasonable that if the government is going to subsidize more health care purchases that abortion not be made more generally available with those funds.

Pro-choice folks should work to educate the public about the changes, and help women prepare.

The best preparation is to be more responsible and not get pregnant "by mistake". Take more precautions.

Secondarily, women can purchase low cost plans that are riders that include abortion rights but other benefits also, maybe birth control.

This is a moment for the President to bridge the divide between pro-life and pro-choice by finding ways to make abortions safe, keep them legal, and rare.

The Stupak amendment puts a bigger burden on some women. That can be good. It can be the impetus to avoid having to make the abortion choice in the first place. Furthermore it can spur a new market of reproductive health care that focuses on prevention as well as abortion services.

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