Sunday, November 22, 2009

Republicans should abolish Senate Filibuster rules

Here's an interesting thought that would be unexpected from a minority party in the United States Senate. The Republicans should move to get rid of the Senate Filibuster rule that requires sixty (60) votes to pass most bills.

Right now, according to Senate rules every Senator has the right to unlimited debate on virtually any topic. Cloture is the official term used that limits a member's right. Currently the rules require 60 votes to invoke cloture or bring a debate to an end and allow a vote.

With the Republicans having exactly forty (40) votes, why would they want to give up this, presumably their only right to stop the Democrats from moving their agenda?

Because if Republicans, conservatives in particular are so secure that this is a Conservative nation; A center-right nation, then the voters will place them in charge so enough. And since the Democrats are moving so far left, it shouldn't be long before Republicans have a strong majority in both houses. If that's true, then the Republicans will be in a position where they will need sixty votes to undo what they think is so damaging to the nation.

It is possible for the Republicans to get fifty Senate seats in the near future. It will be almost impossible for them to get 60 votes. Especially 60 conservative votes. Remember they have the 2 Maine moderates, and to get to 60 they will have won races in Democratic states presumably with less conservative Senators than they have now.

So, if they get rid of the 60 vote cloture rule, and make it say, 55 or even 50 then the Democrats can win some short-term victories, but lose the long term direction. That's if the Republicans really think this is a center-right nation as they keep saying over and over.

Remember this is coming from a Democrat!

In all honesty, I wouldn't do this if I was a Republican because this is a center-left country on balance.

....Social Security
....civil liberty protections
....disaster relief
....abortion rights rights (unfortunately)
.....public spending

There are some conservative aspects like:

.....taxes (I know we are schizo on this topic)

As a newliberal, I would keep the cloture rule because on balance it is more important to block the things I dislike that might be popular than it is to have the things I want filibustered.

A good example is school vouchers. I believe they could get fifty votes but not sixty. That is a shame. We need school choice.

But I think repeal of almost all gun laws could get fifty votes but not sixty. That is a good thing for America.

As much as I want school choice, it is better not to have more guns and more crime.

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