Monday, November 30, 2009

Health Care: right to sue

As Democrats we should allay the concerns of people who think this current reform is a plot for a government take-over, or risks a government bailout in the future.

They could state something like:

Any proposed change by any part of the federal or state government(s), public option admin., or any other entity must be made public for 30 days before going into effect. This include payment formulas, healthcare rules, or any procedure that affects healthcare.

Nothing in this bill can be construed to allow any measure who's enactment might lead to a single payer government system or any circumstance where the government (or public option) is the only or dominant option in any market. In addition, the government can not provide any funds for a government run or sponsored plan beyond the initial start-up.

Any interested person, group, or business would have legal standing to sue based on violation of the above. An automatic stay preventing any proposed change would be put into effect until resolution.

By doing this it would be clear that the only way for future bailouts or government take-overs would have to be a change in the law. That would require the same 60 votes as today.

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