Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health Care: no more abortion talk until cloture

Democrats are poised to have a vote on Saturday. This is just to begin debate on the health care bill.

They should stop all talk about the Stupak amendment, unless or until there is final cloture and a bill will actually be voted up or down.

This might give the media and other some incentives to put pressure on wayward senators to vote for cloture.


By the way, as angry as I am at the Republicans for throwing up so many roadblocks and being obstructionists. I think overall I agree with the Senate Rules.

One day, and looking at the polls it may be soon, Democrats will be in the minority again. The idea that it takes a supermajority to do anything will have more value then.

Think of all the damage George Bush could have done with just fifty votes.

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