Monday, November 9, 2009

Divorce is wrong!

While political types dissect why Maine became the latest state to vote (narrowly) in favor of traditional marriage and against the radical homosexual movement, they are missing the real significance of the "marriage" debate.

First, no matter how loudly many on my side protest, as of now, gay marriage and the entire gay rights agenda is inevitable. That is simply true because not enough people make the moral case against it. People make emotional, practical, and political arguments, but rarely moral persuasion. When have you heard it is wrong to engage in homosexual acts? I hesitate to say being "gay" because I don't think there really is a state of being gay. If a person is not sexually involved, are they still gay? So what we are talking about is behavior. We are talking about normalizing perverse behavior.

I caution those who want to be hateful to understand that there are many strands of perverse behavior, some more serious than others. There can be a legitimate debate as to how damaging gay lifestyles really are. Most normal people wouldn't want their children to smoke, drink alcohol, or engage in sex. They wouldn't want their child to grow up and declare they are "gay". They also wouldn't want they child to commit a crime. Many wouldn't want them to sky dive or join the military either.

Think about it.

There are jobs in our society that we don't talk about and wouldn't want our children engaged in. Would you want your child to be the person who decapitates a cow, slices the cow open, guts it, and makes steaks and hamburgers? But if you're like most people you like the steaks and hamburgers.

Would you want your child patroling the streets in some foreign country looking for terrorists that might want to attack the U.S.? Most people wouldn't,but it is necessary.

My point is, we don't try to convince all people that something is good for them and that it is ok. Even if it's inevitable that some might choose it, we don't then institutionalize it.

The military is a special case where we need people to volunteer for it, but would assume something is sort of wrong about someone who would want to go to a dangerous place and "sacrifice" for our country. We try to separate the service from the necessary danger.

Concerning gay rights, we need to strengthen marriage, make it more exclusive. That means we need to assault Divorce.

Divorce is wrong!

It is not o.k. to be divorced.

If you are divorced already, you should not celebrate it. For the sake of society, our children, and our future find ways to help others avoid your mistakes.

We have a situation now where many people encourage divorce both outright and otherwise through their personal preferences.

There are friends who counsel a married woman that she "can do what she wants".

There are co-workers who invite others to put their jobs ahead of their families.

What we need is an ethos of respect. Recognize the hard work. Celebrate the successes.

It's not enough to argue against gay marriage in favor of "traditional marriage", and then ignore how we got here.

Where are the constitutional amendments that would ban people like Britney Spears from making a joke of marriage?

It can be done.
Let people know marriage is serious.

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