Wednesday, November 25, 2009

banned Thanksgiving Peta ad-good move

I respect Peta's right to make such an offensive ad for Thanksgiving.

I also think everyone should view it and discuss it.

There are many valid points.

I always think about so many people who attacked Michael Vick for being cruel
are going to eat Turkey tomorrow.

I didn't attack Vick and will (hopefully) eat Turkey tomorrow.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are using the free media to get their
point across. I think it will backfire. It is a rare case of both sides thinking they
benefit from a contentious action.

I say ban the commercial and ridicule it.

Maybe explain nature. If it's not ok for humans to eat animals, then why is
it ok for other animals to do it? Why not try to stop that too and change the whole food chain/cycle on earth?

Everything good isn't pretty, and everything pretty isn't good.

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