Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NY23 race: principle over party

I support the leading Republicans who are supporting an independent who is more "Conservative" than a left-leaning Republican in the NY23 special election. On a few issues Republican Scozzafava is a left wing extremist. The worst one being the exteme homosexual agenda. On most other issues she's a typical Republican.

American politics is always compicated. Hoffman the independent correctly supports traditional marriage and I'm sure is good on some other issues but he will work against the Obama agenda completely.

I want someone to work against the exteme leftwing part of the Obama agenda.
I want someone to work with the healthcare part, the education part (make it better though), diversity, and his general approach.

Therefore my first choice is the Democrat Owens, unfortunately though he is not a strong advocate for American families.

Second choice is Hoffman.
The worst outcome would be for Republicans to win with pro choice and gay marriage supporters.

While I am pro-choice, we need a pro-life party. An active one that stands on moral and not simple political grounds. That means you'd rather lose with principle than win with a candidate expouses such views.

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