Saturday, October 31, 2009

Healthcare: Ron Wyden offers real choice

Senator Wyden of Oregon seems to be the only Democrat talking about expanding choice to every American in the Healthcare debate. There are those on the left who want a single payer government run system. There is the compromise legislation that is being offered by Congress that has a public option, but it is only available to a small group of Americans. Not to those who have insurance today.

The public option along with the healthcare exchange should be open to everyone.
In addition, there shouldn't be any tax advantages for people who receive insurance through their jobs. There should be a general credit that travels with the person.

So if you have a personal credit not tied to a job situation, and the ability of everyone to have choice, and an individual mandate on everyone to get heatlhcare, we would lower costs, increase competition, and have a healthier nation.

Senator Wyden's plan is the closest to this.

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