Saturday, September 12, 2009

Notre Dame and coaches

Before a few years ago, it was understood that Notre Dame respected the contract it gave to the head football coach and gave him plenty of time to produce. This was the luxury of a confident program.

Notre Dame rightfully so got plenty of credit for hiring former Stanford coach Ty Willingham.

Notre Dame took undeserved blame for not standing by Willingham. I think.

If Charlie Weis loses this game today, and Notre Dame doesn't win a game like the USC game, he should be fired.

By giving Weis an extension a few years back, the school looked really bad. It conjured up racial politics in the comparison of it's last two coaches.

However, I think the school and community deserve credit for the hiring and trying to move forward in any event, so I'm giving them leeway.

I think Notre dame beats Michigan and Weis will feel this same pressure again later this year:

Notre dame 35
Michigan 21

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