Friday, August 14, 2009

politically correct outrage wrongly aimed at Michael Vick

I appreciate the outrage at Michael Vick. I do not share however.

I eat meat. I wouldn't want to be the person or witness the actions of the person who slaughters the cow or chicken that ends up as my food.

Accepting that, I have to be humble in criticizing any cruelty to animals.

I suppose it betrays a terrible aspect of a person but we need these kind of people for various jobs in society.


I want people to show outrage at sympathetic people. I don't like cheap and easy shots.

I would love for our society to begin demanding high standards from everyone but I don't think that is and will happen anytime soon. Some are just so emotional because Vick atacked their "pet peeve".

Abortions are horrendous, I'm sure.
Wars are terrible, I'm sure.
Surgery is disgusting, I'm sure.

Yet all are accepted and deemed necessary by some/if not many people regularly.

So, if we are going to raise standards, I'm all in.

Until, then
I'm now a Philadelphia Eages' fan.

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