Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gay rights under the radar

Republicans are poised to make political gains in 2009 and 2010.

They have talked about too much government spending, a failed stimulus package, Democratic corruption, etc.

What's missing?

A sustained movement against gay rights. Fighting back against the assault from gay marriage.

I would welcome a Republican gain that could be traced to the Democrats refusal to stand up to the gay rights lobby.

I resent all the Democrats who supposedly stand for marriage but are silent on gay marriage.
Even worse some Democrats have shown their true colors and made gay marriage possible in various states.

This should be all over television everyday as is the news about our economy.
The incident with Prof. Gates and a white policeman got too much attention.

It seems to me if a group of people, beginning with unelected judges, elite journalists, hollywood elites, and now many in my Democratic Party are trying to change the definition of marriage that has stood from the beginning of time, and dare to label those who disagree bigots; that would be big news! Big enough to talk about all day long.

But the gay rights strategy is to overload the circuits, get people used to an idea, then drop it.
Then bring it back up later as "old news".

Democrats are against gay marriage.
But the media is hiding that fact.
They are busy working to change our minds or worse yet, wait us out.
The movies and t.v. shows are trying to brainwash the younger generation.
Further, the political correctness is attempting to define narrow parameters for debate.

Americans should stand for traditional values that have made us great.

I'm liberal enough to be able to do what's right.

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